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Our story

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A Mum-daughter story

«Kouni Bouni» was the cute surname that my mother gave me when I was a kid. It means «ma petite chérie» or «my little honey» in a language we create back then and that how she used to call me everyday. Withn the few words we invented, it's the only one that lasted until now in the end. As I grew up she taught me the love for high fashion garments and special vintage finds coming from the past.

As vintage garments lasting through time, Kouni Bouni is a mother & daughter story that represents the cultural heritage and love transmission between generations.



We provide mainly handmade and unique garments that have proven their potential over decades. Each product is hand-selected with great care for its beautiful quality and sophisticated style: they all are our heart strokes.

Some of our vintage finds are handly reworked by my mum ensuring that only perfect garments leave our hands.



Fast fashion is our worst ennemy and one of the main reason that who pushed us to launch our vintage brand. Thus sustainability is deeply rooted into our brand and whe are striving to be the closest to zero waste operation. This is why all orders are shipped worldwide in fully reused and recyclable packaging :)

We are only using recovery packaging for all your orders :)

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